Band Promo Shoot...

Last Thursday I set out on the long journey down onto the Lizard Peninsula for a shoot on Porthousestock beach with Go Go Skank. The band wanted some new images to use on their website, social media platforms and also for posters for their gigs. I left in plenty of time to give myself the opportunity to scout the location for potential sites to shoot. The weather was fine and the forecast looked fairly settled with a nice overcast sky. Perfect conditions for the shoot! We had arranged to meet up at 7.30 which would allow us a couple of hours of shooting before the light started to fade. Guess what? Just as the band started arriving it started to rain. Only light showers which were on and off all evening. The beach was busier than I thought it was going to be with quite a few fishermen down on the water line and the local gig club out practising. Quite challenging to capture images without random people in the background! We did, however, manage to get a great selection of images and the band were very happy with the final edited images.

This image was lit by a couple of Interfit Badger Unleashed studio strobes fitted with 4" reflectors to give a fairly hard light which was perfect for the shot. Being battery powered, these strobes are ideal when shooting out on location. Shot in high speed sync mode.

The old quarry hopper provided a nice, grungy backdrop for this shot.

No band photoshoot would be complete whithout some momentary madness and this shoot was no different. I had hoped they would go deeper into the sea but apparently it was too cold!

What a bunch of wimps!

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