Prepping my gear for a band promo photoshoot...

Updated: May 26

I've got an interesting photoshoot coming up in a couple of days time shooting some promotional images for Go Go Skank, a fun bunch of musicians based in and around Porthleven in Cornwall. 'Go Go Skank' describe themselves on their website as "The Most Amount of Fun You Can Have with Your Clothes On", so it promises to be a whole heap of fun. The location for the shoot is on the beach at Porthoustock and the weather forecast is looking favourable being overcast and dry with light winds. I'm currently sitting on my bedroom floor sorting through which lenses I'll need and charging up my Sony A7RIII and various studio strobes including a couple of Interfit Badger Unleashed strobes and an Interfit S1 strobe. although I think I'll probably end up using just a couple of them. I'll do another blog post after the shoot with some samples of the edited images.

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