The Banjo Bride...

So, yesterday morning I set off to meet up with banjo player Terry Morgan, model Kirsty Dexter and her partner Lewis Williams for a shoot at Gunwalloe Beach. We had arranged to meet up at 10am and even at that time it was scorching hot.

As an instrument, the banjo gets a lot of stick from musicians so I came up with the idea of portraying the instrument as a guaranteed way of attracting girls.

The concept behind the shoot was simple; A banjo player sitting on the beach happily playing away to himself.

A bride who is totally attracted to the player because of the banjo. A groom struggling to drag his bride away and back into his arms.

I chose to shoot the image on a beach to keep the foreground and background simple and not offer any distractions. It was a very simple shot. Natural light. The whole shoot was over and done in around 10 minutes.

There were quite a few dog walkers and people on the beach enjoying the early morning sun and we got quite a few strange looks...

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