Woodland Fairy Shoot...

Backstory and technical stuff...!

On Sunday morning we headed over to the woods for a shoot I'd been planning for a long time. The river Bedalder (or Warleggan) runs through the woods at the bottom of a steep slope and there's a lovely little rocky outcrop from the far bank that triggered the idea for the shoot. I imagined a fairy playing on the rock.

I shared the idea with my stepdaughter, Lizzie, who immediately got to work preparing a costume for the shoot. She also made some fantastic looking fairy wings which she spent hours working on. They look fantastic in the photographs and really reflect the light from the studio strobe.

Conditions were ideal. Overcast sky with the sun breaking through only occasionally. Bright sunlight never makes for good shooting conditions in woodland so I was glad of the cloud cover. A gentle breeze was blowing which caused the wings to blow around a little bit and we had to keep stopping to rearrange them.

Lizzie had to cross the river to get to the outcrop on the far bank which was a bit precarious as it was a wee bit deeper in places than we had anticipated.

Once in position, I set up a single strobe inside a 24" octabox with a grid on the front to narrow the beam of light. The strobe was on the opposite bank from Lizzie and was firing at around 80% power.

Once everything was set up and exposures were dialled in, it was simply a case of firing away and capturing lots of shots.

All credit to Lizzie for the work she put in to make this fantastic shoot work and also for braving the somewhat precarious river crossing!

Equipment and technical stuff;

For the shoot I used my Sony A7RIII camera body coupled with the Sony 35mm f1.8 lens. The scene was lit by a single Interfit Badger Unleashed studio strobe with a 24" octabox diffuser fitted to the front. A grid was fitted onto the octabox to narrow the beam of light as I wanted it mostly on the subject with the light falling off quickly behind. Shooting details;

1/320 at f2.2

ISO 100

Shooting in High Speed Sync mode.

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