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Street Photography

Street photography is photography conducted for art or enquiry that features unmediated chance encounters and random incidents within public places. Street photography does not necessitate the presence of a street or even the urban environment. Though people usually feature directly, street photography might be absent of people and can be of an object or environment where the image projects a decidedly human character in facsimile or aesthetic.

Source: Wikipedia

This is a continually evolving page and new content will be added regularly!

Spotted at Bodmin Parkway train station...
On a freezing cold morning in early January, this person sits alone, waiting for a bus.
I was taken by the blue color tones adding weight to how cold it was.
Oh, and a ready-made Tryptich!


My favourite coffee spot in Truro.
Sabzi is centred around a simple concept; a small menu of delicious, creative dishes that are different every day. Available to takeaway, our food can be enjoyed together or alone, and champions humble, sustainable ingredients.


A lone cyclist pedals through the streets of Bodmin during a deluge of rain that came from nowhere and without warning.
Let's hope he didn't have too far to go!

Friday Night Takeaway...
I loved the reflections on the bonnet of this car in the foreground.
The subject has a nice relaxed pose as he sits patiently, waiting for his takeaway dinner!
Pizza Margherita?

Green Window...

The vibrant, green colors caught my eye lit up in the window of a pub in Newquay.
It was a Saturday night in February but it looked pretty quiet inside.
I imagine the place would be very different in the summer months when holidaymakers descend in their droves!

Pizza to Go...

The woman standing at the counter ordering pizza initially caught my eye and then I noticed the sign in the window!

Start today.
Earn up to £13 per hour inc. tips and mileage!
An offer just too good to miss, eh?
Gig economy! Zero hour contracts!

Where did it all go wrong for society?

Shadows in the Puddles...
Shooting out on the streets, when they are wet, is probably my favorite conditions for street photography.
Particularly at night when you get beautiful neon lighting adding to the atmosphere in an image.
I took a few images whilst standing outside the entrance to a supermarket. This one here is the best of the bunch.
I Love the reflection and the tight crop.

The Amusement Arcade...
I always like photographs with a 'splash' of the color red in them.
This has more of a 'great big dollop' of red.
It's a very dominant color is red and in this image, it's everywhere.

Inside an amusement arcade at night in Newquay.

Bet it's really busy in peak holiday season!

A Heated Discussion...?

Sitting in a bus shelter in Bodmin, checking
her mobile phone, this lovely lady looks up as she overhears a conversation just a wee bit further down the road.
I wonder what they were discussing?

Street Trash...

Please tell me I'm not alone in seeing stuff like this?
All too prevalent these days in towns and cities throughout the UK.
I picked them up and deposited them in a bin no more than 10 steps away!
What's that all about then, eh?


Strollin' along through the streets of Truro, listening to the soundtrack of his life on cans, this dude is truly 'King of his own Destiny'!
It was his baseball cap in rich, reggae colors that first caught my attention.
I wonder what's in the bag he's carrying?

The Long Walk Home after a Hard day at the Office...

I passed this lady on the old footbridge that crosses the tracks at Truro Train Station.
She had that weary expression on her face of an office worker who can't wait to get home, kick off her boots and pour that first, reviving glass pf prosecco before repeating the whole thing over again tomorrow!
Never mind... soon be the weekend!

A Sense of Pink...

There's enough pink neon in this shop window display to melt your eyeballs and increase your RAD count, (radiation absorbed dose), to astronomical levels.
Fortunately I had my lead lined thermals on to protect me...

Do you ever get that feeling you're being watched...?

Walking around Truro city center I turned a corner to be confronted by this mannequin who scared the life out of me.
If she'd moved I'd have been off like an olympic sprinter!

Give the Dog a Bone...

I spotted this wee dog waiting patiently outside the butcher's shop for his master.
The traffic was really heavy but I just managed this quick capture between two cars.
I couldn't believe my luck when I saw he was looking straight at me!
I hope his master got a nice juicy bone for him!

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